Day 7 - Leadership Celebration

Welcome to Day 7 of your NPQSL with Inspiring Leaders

The aims of this content area are:

  • The Leadership Celebration Event provides an opportunity for participants to reflect on and celebrate the progress they have made and the impact they have had. They will also, importantly, be able to contribute to others’ learning by listening and asking questions that will take forward their thinking. To enable this, participants will work in a group of four or five and take turns in presenting their Leadership Task.
  • To review the diagnostic of their leadership behaviours.
  • It will also create an opportunity for participants to advance their preparations for final assessment.

Pre-session Tasks

Before Day 7, please complete the following tasks and bring them with you on the day:

Task 1

Prepare a ten-minute presentation on the progress you have made and the impact it has had over the duration of the NPQSL programme:

What have you learned about yourself?

How have you changed as a leader?

What impact have you had on the organisation?

What difference has the task you led made to pupil learning?

Are there any other achievements you would like to celebrate?

Download Guidance for Participants

Task 2

Bring your leadership behaviours diagnostic from the induction.

Task 3

Bring your Final Assessment Documentation.