Day 6 - Managing Resources & Risks

Welcome to Day 6 of your NPQSL with Inspiring Leaders

The aims of this content area are:

  • To learn how to deploy resources across a school effectively and efficiently to deliver school priorities (for example, in relation to the use of Pupil Premium funding).
  • To learn how to monitor the use of resources across a school, identifying opportunities and pressures (for example, in relation to teacher workload).
  • To learn how to systematically identify, manage and mitigate risks to the school, its pupils and staff.

Pre-session Tasks

Task 1

Meet with your business manager to find out about the school approach to value for money and risk management.

Task 2

Read school policy documents on this.

Task 3

Find out about how pupil premium funding is allocated at your school and be prepared to discuss on Day 6.

Task 4

Please bring your Pupil Premium Funding Statement with you to Day 6.

Task 5

Please download the attached Action Plan - you may like to use this electronically on the day.