Day 5 - Partnership Working

Welcome to Day 5 of your NPQSL with Inspiring Leaders

The aims of this content area are:

  • To identify the most effective partnerships for improving pupil progress.
  • To identify a range of local and national partners that can support school improvement.
  • To explore tools and techniques to identify the organisation’s stakeholders and analyse their views.
  • To identify excellent professional development practice.

Pre-session Tasks

Task 1

What are you currently reading?

Please bring your current reading list with you to Day 5.

Task 2

What stakeholders do you currently work with in schools and what partnerships are you part of locally and nationally?

How effective are these partnerships?

How do they contribute to improving outcomes for pupils?

Task 3

Please read the "Standard for Teachers' Professional Development (DfE 2016)".


Task 4

Please read the "EEF: Parental Engagement Guidance Report (2018)".