Day 3 - Teaching & Curriculum Excellence

Welcome to Day 3 of your NPQSL with Inspiring Leaders

The aims of this content area are:

  • To use a range of techniques to gather evidence on teaching quality and the impact of interventions across a school.
  • To reduce variation within the school and against comparative schools by improving pupil progress, attainment and behaviour.
  • To develop and maintain a rich, high-quality school curriculum.
  • To debate professional development strategies, which engage all staff (including new/recently qualified teachers) and anticipate future professional development needs.

Pre-session Challenges

Challenge 1

Please read the Thinkpiece on "Improving the Quality of Teaching" by Robin Attfield.


Challenge 2

Identify the top 5 priorities for your own school curriculum. Write them on a postcard and bring to the day.

Challenge 3

Bring your curriculum maps and be prepared to share these with others:

• How did the curriculum evolve?
• How do you keep it relevant and fresh?
• What are the challenges you face?
• What are your next steps?

Post Session Challenges

Challenge 1

Visit the EEF Toolkit website.

Challenge 2

Review design of school based task.

Recommended Additional Reading

What Makes Great Teaching (Presentation)

Professor Robert Coe 2016

What Makes Great Teaching (Report)

Professor Robert Coe, Cesare Aloisi, Steve Higgins & Lee Elliot Major 2014