Day 1 - Induction

Welcome to Day 1 of your NPQSL with Inspiring Leaders

The aims of the day are:

  • To ensure clarity of requirements.
  • To build constructive relationships.
  • To review the feedback from the self-assessment.
  • To understand the structure of the programme.
  • To explore possible choices for learning.
  • To explore possible choices for learning.

Pre-Induction Activity

Task 1

Complete the Leadership Behaviours Self Review and review with sponsor prior the next day in preparation for discussion in triads

Download 1

Leadership Behaviours Self Review Guidance


Download 2

Leadership Behaviours Self Review Form


Post-Induction Task

Task 1

Using the information you have been provided with today, start to think about your school task. Make time to discuss this with your Headteacher and consider possible topics ensuring that it is incorporated into work you are already doing linked to the school improvement plan.

You may also wish to think about timelines, pupils/colleagues/stakeholders involved and the outcome you want to achieve.