NPQSL Assessment Task

For each NPQ level, there are defined tasks setting out how participants must be assessed. These describe the project(s) a participant will need to complete, and the supporting evidence they will need to submit as part of the assessment stage.

For NPQSL, this consists of one project, split into two parts.

Working across the school to a) reduce variation in pupil progress and attainment b) improve the efficiency and effectiveness of teaching (5,000 words)

Content Areas Assessed:

Part A Part B
Strategy & Improvement Managing Resources & Risks
Managing Resources & Risks Increasing Capability
Leading with Impact
Working in Partnership

Participants must:

  • Lead an improvement project across their school, lasting at least 2 terms, to reduce variation in pupil progress and attainment (part A) and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of teaching (part B).

  • Submit a written account of the project to the provider for assessment, which aims to evidence the criteria indicated. This should cover the design, implementation and evaluation of the project..

  • Submit supporting documents/material as evidence where indicated below. Supporting evidence must be concise and directly related to the candidate’s project and corresponding assessment criterion.

  • Not exceed a total word count (across both parts of the project) of 5,000, excluding supporting documents or annexes.

Our Responsibility

Inspiring Leaders will:

  • Assess project scripts and supporting evidence in accordance with a mark scheme that will be provided by DfE.

  • Comply assessment requirements, including peer moderation, as described in the Quality Framework.

Further guidance will be provided in due course.

Useful Documents

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