Day 5 - Managing Resources & Risks

Welcome to Day 5 of your NPQML with Inspiring Leaders

The aims of the day are:

  • Consider what effective planning requires.
  • Explore the concept of risk and how you might identify and manage it.
  • Continue to deepen connections with each other.
  • Begin to explore strategies leading to improvement.
  • Learn more and experiment with more change management tools.

Pre-session Preparation

Before Day 5, please complete the following tasks:

Task 1

Capture what works well (WWW) in meetings and not so well (NSW) and bring your findings to Day 5. This will be needed in the first activity.

Task 2

Meet with your assessment/data co-ordinator and explore your school’s approach to assessment and how they manage and analyse data.

Task 3

Collect any data you have used or will be using to determine the needs of your “Assessement project group” and bring it along to session 5.