Day 3 - Teaching & Curriculum Excellence

Welcome to Day 3 of your NPQML with Inspiring Leaders

The aims of the day are:

  • Learn about examples of, domestic and international teaching strategies and pedagogical approaches with a proven impact.
  • Clarify Ofsted inspection requirements.
  • Examine different assessment models.
  • Explore interventions for vulnerable groups.
  • Continue to build constructive relationships and network.

Pre-session Challenges

Before Day 3, please complete the following challenges:

Challenge 1

Review your leadership behaviours before face to face to share learning in Triads.

Challenge 2

Find any research that links in with a strand of work that your school is involved with ie Mastery, Read, Write Inc, Synthetic phonics etc. Be prepared to share what influenced your school’s decision to implement it and how it has been rolled out.

Challenge 3

Research your own school’s profile regarding vulnerable children. Notice how they are categorized, try and find out how the school is supporting their needs.

Post Session Challenges

Following Day 3, please complete the following challenges:

Challenge 1

Writing up the visit – What was your learning? To bring back to next session.

Challenge 2

Share the focus for your leadership project with your team explaining the rationale and benefits.