Day 7 - Strategy & Improvement

Welcome to Day 7 of your NPQH with Inspiring Leaders

The aims of the day are:

  • To explore how to develop strategy in collaboration with the governing board.
  • To learn about tools, techniques and concepts that support decision-making and strategy development.
  • To develop appreciation of the role of the governing board in strategy development.
  • To examine research into, and examples of, the effective leadership of change.

Pre-session Preparation

Please complete the following tasks and be prepared to discuss them on Day 7.

Task 1

What you consider to be the most significant changes in Education in England in the past five years:

• What impact do you think this has had on pupil learning?

• How do you feel this has been led and managed?

Task 2

How you deal with change:

To what extent are you cautious, weighing the options and observing others first?

How enthusiastic are you about seizing opportunities and initiatives?

How confident are you in distributing leadership to others?

Task 3

Your view of "The Hedgehog Concept".