Day 6 - Increasing Capability

Welcome to Day 6 of your NPQH with Inspiring Leaders

The aims of the day are:

  • To learn how to create and sustain an environment where all staff are encouraged to develop their own knowledge and skills.
  • To explore sources of high-quality professional development within and outside of the school.
  • To identify the main barriers to effective professional development in a school and how these have been overcome.
  • To explore ways of holding all staff to account for performance using appraisal, misconduct and grievance systems.

Pre-session Preparation

Before Day 6, please complete the following tasks:

Task 1

Please read "Introduction to Talent Management - D Cobb (2016)".


Task 2

Prepare to discuss:

• How you reward effective teaching.

• How you recognise improvement in teaching.

• How effective your pay-policy is.

Task 3

Bring an example of the very best professional learning you have experienced (for you or a colleague)

Post-Session Recommended Reading

Following Day 6, please read the following articles:

Article 1

Please read "PwC's Nextgen: A Global Generational Study (2013)".


Article 2

Please read "PWC Teacher Recruitment Education Insight (2013)".


Article 3

Please read "Developing Teachers - Sutton Trust (2015)".


Article 4

Please read "Early Career Frameowrk - Department Of Education (2019)".