Day 4 - Teaching & Curriculum Excellence (Part 2)

Welcome to Day 4 of your NPQH with Inspiring Leaders

The aims of the day are:

  • To understand the statutory curriculum requirements.
  • To consider examples of how freedoms have been used to improve pupil progress and attainment.
  • To explore the benefits, characteristics and examples of knowledge-rich curricula.

Pre-session Preparation

Before Day 4, please complete the following challenges:

Challenge 1

The 11 best school systems in the world
• Find out why your allocated country has one of the best school systems in the world & be prepared to share at Day 4.

Challenge 2

Workload - Marking
Review your marking practice. To what extent is it:
• Manageable
• Meaningful
• Motivating?
Be prepared to share in the What's App group.
Please bring the following documents with you to Day 4:

Document 1

Pupil Performance Data.

Document 2

Curriculum Policy Document or similar.

Document 3

Curriculum map.

Document 4

Your Pupil Premium Impact Report.

Post Session Challenge

Challenge 1

Interview a child: What it's like for me?
• Who listens to you?
• What helps you to learn?
• What stops you learning?
• How could it be better?

Challenge 2

Please read the following articles available in the Leadership Library (NPQH - Day 4)
• Knowldge and the Curriculum, Policy Exchange
• The Question of Knowledge, ASCL
• Curriculum, John Dunford
• HMCI Commentary on the Curriculum, HMCI
• Unlocking Talent Fulfilling Potential, DFE

Recommended Additional Reading

The following documents are recommended reading to enhance your study:

Successful Leadership

Chris Day 2013

Ten Strong Claims About Successful School Leadership

NCSL 2010