Day 1 - Induction

Welcome to Day 1 of your NPQH with Inspiring Leaders

The aims of the day are:

  • To build constructive relationships and networks.
  • To agree protocols for the programme.
  • To further deepen understanding of the learning journey.
  • To clarify expectations and requirements of the programme.
  • To explore the outcomes of the self review and gateway assessment and begin to consider areas for development.
  • To inspire commitment and enthusiasm for the programme.
  • Self review and exploration of leadership behaviours in a coaching setting.
  • Horizon scanning via the PESTLE model.
  • Inspire and motivate via speakers in the evening prior to dinner.

Post Challenge

Task 1

Read "Principled Leadership in Challenging Times" by Steve Munby.


Task 2

Bring along an example of a stakeholder engagement at your school.